Baseball Stadium Sign Specs

Billboard Signs

* If you don’t have any means of creating artwork, send us some information about your company (business cards, letterhead, pencil sketch, etc) and our artists will help create a great look for your sign.

Preferred Files

PC format: PDF, EPS, CDR X5 * No file can be accepted larger than 100 MB

**any files save out of illustrator should be saved to CS2 or below

** InDesign files will not work in our process. Export from Illustrator backward compatible.

Artists Specs

Ask your sales rep for active artwork size. Artwork size and sign size may differ.
When creating files, outline all fonts,
Make document size proportional to sign size, (i.e. 7” x 23”)
Do Not include any Bleeds, Crops, or Marks outside the artwork area

Files can be E-mailed to

For Larger files, free FTP Services work well.

Stadium Graphics does not have the capability of creating photographic images, therefore, all photographic work must be sent to us ready for output.

Proofs of final artwork will be sent and approved before starting any work on a sign. Please give proofs your immediate attention and check for accuracy before signing off. Once a sign is constructed, it is a complex and costly procedure to make changes.

Stadium Graphics Information:

Contact: Chuck Hodgdon

Address: 165 Ledge Street

Nashua, NH 03060

Phone: 603-512-0450


Stadium Graphics specializes in large format graphics with an emphasis on baseball parks. Through the years, we have designed and/or installed over 3,000 outfield wall signs. We know what works and what doesn’t. Below is some useful information to help you through the process.



* The first and most important rule in stadium advertising is KEEP IT SIMPLE!

It has been our experience that advertisers try to do too much when designing their advertising space. Prioritize when adding elements to your sign. The more you add, the less impact each element has. What is the message you are trying to convey! Don’t detract from it by adding less important info.

Avoid using complicated graphics, extensive text, or getting overly creative. Using high contrast colors, simple graphics, and big bold text make the best stadium signs

The 400 foot Rule

If the lettering on an outfield wall sign isn’t at least 8” in height, you cannot read it from the seats, 400’ away. We recommend 12” and strongly suggest using a block style lettering whenever possible. The fancier the typestyle, the harder it is to read.

Name/Brand Recognition:

A sign in the outfield of a ballpark will enhance your company’s image, create and/or maintain brand name recognition, and show your support and prominence in the local community. Emphasize your company, service, or product. Try to minimize information such as phone #’s, address, menu items, directions, etc.


Colors make a big difference in readability. Don’t use too many colors, and try to use colors at opposite ends of the spectrum. ( i.e… a medium blue letter with a medium green drop shadow on a grey background may look good on paper, but from 400’ away, the colors will blur together) a better choice may be to use a darker blue letter, no drop shadow, on a lite grey background.

If you need our help or guidance, we are always happy to work with you in producing the best possible sign. Feel free to call or email with questions.